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My Story to Escape from Rat Race

September 2007 - August 2015 : Job Seeker
September 2015 - Present         : Job Creator
This is a story of my experience of traveling through 'life of limitations' to 'life of infinite possibilities'. From 'life of dependencies' to 'life of independence’. From ‘life of compulsions’ to ‘life of freedom’.
In July 2015, I took the toughest decision which any professional fears to take. I resigned from my job - The only source of my income. 

What is Rat Race? And how I escaped from it?
There are situations in life when you have to perform certain activities which you don’t love doing. But you have to do it repeatedly, due to some kind of pressure or greed or dependency.
If you feel to be in such situation, you are in Rat Race.
Even if you win this Rat Race, you will still be called a Rat.
By July 2015, already half of that year was past and I found that nothing actually changed. I was doing the same kind of work. Meeting same of kind people. Discussing same topics. I felt like I am sitting in a giant ferris wheel and its just moving round and round. With such a scenario, this year will also pass as past years.
I decided that how year 2015 will end will not be decided by my manager or company. I will decide this.
I planned following to meet my goals by the end of Year 2015:


I planned to setup a Business with proper planning and execution. Some business which is related to my skills and knowledge.
  • I read lots of management and business books to understand the psychology of a business and gain knowledge. 
  • Started a computer training academy "WebChamps Academy of Computer Science”. (FB Link)
  • Started an IT firm “WebChamps IT Solutions (ISO 9001:2015 Company)”.
  • In May 2016, I joined FOREVER Business. In just 2 months, I achieved 'Assistance Supervisor' position. The graph of earning is going up with each passing month. I enjoy doing this Business as this gives me Freedom of Time and Money.

Health & Spiritual:

I planned to join some course to be mentally focused and physically active.
  • I took “Inner Engineering” yoga classes from Isha Foundation. (Really helped me a lot)
  • I read spiritual books and follow spiritual channels on YouTube. 
  • I am a regular consumer of Forever Health products. Specially Aloe Vera Gel and Honey. I can feel great boost to my health which helps me to stay active and energetic for my Business activities.


After leaving the IT Corporate life, i didn’t want to completely cut off.
  • I created few WhatsApp and FB groups to bring various IT Professionals in a single platform. These groups are running successfully. Some groups are for job hunting, some to sell IT products. 
  • Starting a Training Academy also gave me great opportunity to meet new people everyday.
  • Started a Blog “Dailysouls” to share my thoughts with world. 
  • Joined Forever Business. It has given me opportunity to meet new people everyday. Its a great learning and earning.

Am i out of Rat Race?

In terms of Finance, I am making very good progress. I have tried Business for the first time in my life. With family & friend support and confidence on my abilities, I can proudly say that "Future is so bright that i need sunglasses".

As this platform is mainly for my new and most exciting business - FOREVER, i would strongly recommend you all to join me and start exploring the World of Opportunity.

Lets build this Business Bigger and Bigger and Bigger.

Tarun Agarwal